NeutroCure-ROS-amplifiers target neutrophils (see below the representative images of bone marrow (BM) niche and neutrophils in the BM: courtesy of A. Hidalgo Alonso and I. Cossío Cuartero, CNIC, Spain).

Visualization of the bone marrow niche by using LepR-R26tomato Cre driver mouse models.
Neutrophils coming from parabiotic partner are located close to CXCL12+ CAR cells and Endomucin+ vessels in the bone marrow (femur).

Potential beneficiary therapeutic effects of ROS amplifiers

  • ROS-induced inhibition of PMN-myeloid derived suppressor cells can inhibit cancer growth,
  • ROS-induced deactivation of T-cells and neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) generation contributes to resolution of inflammation,
  • ROS-induced boosting of haematopoiesis can relieve myeloablation.